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Toledo, OH Woodworking | Lamar Woodworking

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Toledo, OH Woodworking | Lamar Woodworking
Toledo, OH Woodworking | Lamar Woodworking
Toledo, OH Woodworking | Lamar Woodworking
Toledo, OH Woodworking | Lamar Woodworking

We couldn’t be happier with the work Shawn has done. The craftsmanship on our floating shelves is flawless and they were very reasonably priced!

Kelly R | Bowling Green, OH

I came to Shawn with nothing more than an idea for some wooden benches. He was able to take my idea and make it a reality. He perfectly crafted beautiful (and sturdy) benches for children to sit on in the exact way I imagined. Thank you Shawn for being a pleasure to work with, and for perfectly creating my vision!

Holly Smith | Toledo, OH

We’re so pleased with our custom headboard and night stands from Lamar Woodworking! Shawn’s attention to detail is second to none, and the finished product exceeded our expectations. We were looking for that special “something” to finish out our master suite remodel, and needless to say, we found it. Thank you!

Martha S | Toledo, OH

Loving our Lamar Woodworking originals! The girls’ bunkbeds are exactly how I pictured them in my mind, and the girls both say the sleep great!  Thank you, Shawn!

Kathryn S | Bowling Green, OH

Absolutely amazing and the customer service is unbeatable!! I sent him a picture thinking I’d get “something similar” but it is EXACTLY what I wanted. I needed a trash can my dog could not get into and Shawn made that happen – and it looks great in my kitchen!

Amanda | Toledo, OH

It’s pronounced “luh-mar” in case you were wondering.  My buddies would tell you to say “lay-mer” but don’t listen to them.

Must-Have Tool?

: 25′ tape measure

Furniture Finish Tip?

: Prevent drips when applying polyeurethane by applying thin coats. This allows the film to build up slowly, and creates a more smooth, even surface.

Very First Build?

: Clock – 8th grade woodshop (classic, huh?)

Dream Project?

: Log Cabin vacation home for my family in the Smoky Mountains

Favorite Power Tool?

: This is a tough one.  I have grown super found of so many tools that it is difficult to pick.  My Kreg Foreman DB210 Electric Pocket Hole Machine has definitely been a treasured addition to the arsenal but if you are just starting out, my dewalt 20v drill and impact are used constantly for woodworking and for projects around the house!

Most Unusual Project?

: We kept chickens for a few years, so I built a chicken coop that was the Hilton of all chicken coops.  Happy chickens, more eggs!

Tool-belt Tip?

: Mark your Phillips-head screwdriver with a bright color, making it easier to choose from a crowded tool belt – very helpful, especially when you’re on a ladder or working in a tight spot.

Wish-List Workshop Item?

: Modular Gear Drawer from Gladiator

Work-site Safety Tip?

: Be extra careful when using your thumb as a guide in cross-cutting & ripping, so you end the day with the same number of digits you started with!

Shawn "Lamar" Williams

Shawn "Lamar" Williams

Principal | Owner

I’m Shawn – but you can call me Lamar.  It’s pronounced “luh-mar” but my buddies would tell you to say “lay-mer” … don’t listen to them!  I’m a husband and father, and of course, the face – or the hands, I should say – behind Lamar Woodworking.  I’ve always been an artist in some fashion or form, but working with my hands is where I feel most at home.  Where some might only see a pile of scrap lumber, I see possibility – which is really just an extension of the way I see, and try to treat, everyone I meet.  We’re all works-in-progress, right? The possibilities are endless, when you start seeing potential, rather than problems.  And that’s the perspective I’ll bring when I work on your project.  Together, we’ll define the vision for your custom pieces, and make sure that in the end, function and form complement each other perfectly.  Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you!

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